"Jeremi and Amy have led our church into the heights and depths of worship! I, and our whole church, love them dearly for the Godly and humble servants they are. The Spirit does something unique through their lives and their music that is exulted and consecrated. They bring us into the Throne Room and we see Jesus. Both their friendship and their leadership have brought me closer to Christ."


Dr. Joel C. Hunter, Senior Pastor

Northland - A Church Distributed


"I have personally known and worked with Amy and Jeremi Richardson for over 8 years and believe that they both harbor a deep desire and passion to see people of all ages, denominations, and cultures grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. They are some of the most talented, detailed and creative people Jennette and I have ever worked with. If you desire to see your church service, conference, or outreach to go to the next level in worship and creative arts I highly recommend having Amy and Jeremi Richardson."


Ricardo Sanchez, Grammy Nominated, Dove Award-winning international worship leader and sought-out conference speaker.


"For me the really big stand out songs of the album are the quieter and slightly more reflective songs. Tracks like Awesome and Hallelujah (What a Friend) are where I believe Jeremi and Amy are at their best. With the lyrics of the album being about many different aspects of God's love, it's the songs in which the singers pour out their hearts in a truly honest fashion that really stand out. You can see that these songwriters are writing from their heart…"


review by Jono Davies,

Louder Than The Music (UK)


"With Ancient Wells, the Richardson have created have crafted up a masterful and powerful modern hymn for the ages. Written by Jeremi Richardson and brilliantly executed by both Richardsons, Ancient Wells encroaches in on territory previously explored by artists like Keith Getty, Stuart Townsend, and the late great, Rich Mullins. The modern hymn, with its poetic lyrics, repetitive melodies, and clearly Biblical perspective, is very rarely explored in the gloss of the power-pop and powder-puff lightness of Christian music today, but artist like Getty, Townsend, and now the Richardsons are leading the charge to bring this kind of music into Christian homes and churches…"


Ganns Deans,

Music Reviewer (Philippines)


Jeremi and Amy's project releases a prophetic sound that speaks straight to the heart of true worshippers. I highly recommend them for your special event or Sunday morning services. Your church family will be richly blessed, strengthened and encouraged by their ministry."


LaRue Howard, Worship Leader, Dove Award-winning Gospel Artist.