Surely (I Am Changed Forever)

Surely (I Am Changed Forever)
words and music: Jeremi L. Richardson
©2016 AMYLLIAN MUSIC (CCLI #7081259)

Surely is a song about being awakened into who God is and based on the story of Jacob's ladder. If you are familiar with the text from Genesis 12, God reveals Himself to Jacob and reaffirms the covenant He made with Abraham, promising Jacob (whose name will later become Israel) that his offspring will be many and that the Promised Land will one day belong to his descendants. In this vision Jacob sees a ladder, which many believe (including me) signifies a connection between God and man. I see this (the ladder) as a place to connect Himself to man as opposed to the men of Babel who tried to reach heaven by their own actions, aside from the help of God. The entire story symbolizes God’s awesomeness, His control, and His faithfulness.

The song we are sharing is a dream sequence. The lyrics jump between what he (Jacob) sees and how it changes him. He hears the sound of angel wings and is awakened ... and is changed forever.

When I was writing the bridge to this song. I kept thinking about God connecting to man. How would we respond? What would that place be like?

"and I cry: Holy, Holy, Holy
be made Holy.
Awesome is the place
where Heaven and Earth meet ...

Yahweh, Yahweh
be made Holy
I am forever changed
when Heaven and Earth meet."

The awesomeness of who God is --- would be met with our morality and demand us to declare His sovereignty, goodness, holiness, etc. His name, this place (where Heaven and Earth meet) is place of reconciliation, promise, and beauty. A promise of a future, connection, and worship.

I hope this place comes alive in your spirit while you worship with us in this song. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to share it with you.

- Jeremi