Hallelujah (Winds and Waters)

Hallelujah (Winds and Waters)
words and music: Jeremi L. Richardson
CCLI #: 7081260

It's almost an eternal musical in our house and I've been amazed at how my children are always setting life to song. I was thinking about their singing one day and began thinking about worship. One of the ways we worship is by setting our love for God to song. We do this corporately and also as individuals.

There is also one thing you should know about my kids singing ... it is LOUD! They are full of passion, fervor, excitement, and volume as they proclaim their truths. Shouldn't our song be the same?

We are a people serving the only God that ever said: "I love you!" to His people. He says it, shows it (Jesus alone is the proof), and created this world we live in for us. He communes with us and so many times we sit silent in our adoration of Him. Imagine, if you will, a marriage where the couples never related ... each individual would be totally lost, lonely, and questioning the relationship. I think many times that is how we view God. We are frustrated with the outcomes of situations or lonely in our communion with Him --- but it is not His distance that is the problem. It is our silence that is building the chasm between us. We do not proclaim anything!

Revelation 19:6 says: "Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: "Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns."

I began thinking: Hallelujah! ... Shout it out

WHO should be saying this:
Winds --- praise God
Waters --- praise God
Nations --- praise God
People (ME) --- praise God
Lives --- praise God

How should we be doing this:
With singing
With shouting
With our lives
With every breath

WHERE should we be:

an infinite list ....
everlasting are His mercies
His promises stand like a rock
He is sovereign (GOD IS IN CONTROL)
He is King above all Kings
He loves with a mighty love

God, the Almighty Reigns and we say: HALLELUJAH! Let's not let silence win the war. Shout over your situations and proclaim that God is the victor over every situation! He is in control!