Stand Still (Mulberry Trees)

Stand Still (Mulberry Trees)
CCLI #: 7081257
words and music: Jeremi L. Richardson

Everyone of us have a moment of wanting to move forward and God has us stand still.

I remember several years ago; being in this season. One day, I was reading in 2 Samuel while researching some scripture about Angel Armies. "When you hear a sound like marching feet in the tops of the poplar trees, be on the alert! That will be the signal that the LORD is moving ahead of you to strike down the Philistine army." - 2 Samuel 5:24

I was taken aback. When you hear the sound (God's signal) move forward. I am giving you the land ... What? David, a man after the heart of God -  did not go into battle, without inquiring of the Lord. This seems like common sense to some, but something I had never thought about. This mighty-warrior that once had been victorious; might have said, as many of us have said, in fact — I shall be victorious again ... I shall triumph yet again. Instead, he waited until the sign came from God. He knew a move without God is destined to fail. He could not conquer the next position without the hand/call of God.

During the Easter season of 2016, my church was putting together a portion of the creative story where we would tell and it focused on 2 Samuel. As I studied this story again --- the words came alive. I began hearing the stanzas of this song and I wrote the recurring theme as quickly as I could. Stand Still! Stand Strong!

I believe that we all have a good bit to learn from David. We should take no steps without God. The last time you moved/ changed business/situation in life - you asked for God's help, and then did it. Luckily, you were blessed in the doing of it. However, like David, you never know without seeking God's advice what venture (or adventure --- depending on how you view life) you will regret. David knew this and paused. He stood still and let God dictate the next move.

When you listen to this song, remember:

This song is about the waiting ... do not move without God.
This song is about the journey ... do not feel ashamed as you wait.
This song is about the promise ... He is going ahead of you, making every crooked path straight.

We should stand strong during our holding patterns. There is no shame in waiting. There is no loss of dignity in pausing. When God signals our move --- His angel armies are fighting on our behalf. His word is breaking the backs of every enemy standing in your way. Your faith and trust releases these armies to fight. So stand still and let your faith move you into victory.

- Jeremi