Story Behind the Song: You Are So Beautiful

“Behold, You Are beautiful, my love; 

Behold, You Are beautiful.” 

- Song of Solomon 1:15

In the late 90’s I began a sincere relationship with Praise and Worship music. I was moved by the sounds that I heard and could not get enough of the music that to me was the heartbeat of Heaven.

Many worship tunes (lyrically speaking) are lifted from the text of the Holy Bible. In my opinion there are two books that reflect worship music at it’s deepest: Psalm and Song of Solomon. Of course I am enthralled by the writings of David in Psalms but one of the styles of writing that was always interesting to me, are the writings of Song of Solomon. 

The lyrics and colorful imagery found in this book of the Bible are such a painting of love. 

The opening line is a favorite of mine: “We sing our song to You, it’s a love song - just for you...” that is what this project is all about, singing our love to Christ. When true love is established the world will see. The Bible actually says: 

“...they will know we are Christians by our love” 

- John 13:35 

I want the world to see my love for Christ, to hear it in my relationships and to recognize it in every facet of interaction I take part it. I want them to know me as a believer in Christ.

I pray that as you read this and listen to our project that you will be encouraged to love Christ deeper and represent Him bolder. I pray that your smiles will brighten and your eyes see Him more clearly. He deserves our love... I also pray that we will hear His song over us, it truly is beautiful!

Song of Solomon: Chapter 4 

“You're so beautiful, my darling, so beautiful, 

and your dove eyes are veiled

By your hair as it flows and shimmers, 

   like a flock of goats in the distance 

   streaming down a hillside in the sunshine.

Your smile is generous and full— 

   expressive and strong and clean.

Your lips are jewel red, 

   your mouth elegant and inviting, 

   your veiled cheeks soft and radiant.

The smooth, lithe lines of your neck 

   command notice—all heads turn in awe 

and admiration...”

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