Story Behind the Song: Hallelujah (What a Friend)

The Son of man came eating 

and drinking, and they say: 

“Behold a man gluttonous, 

and a winebibber, 

a friend of publicans and sinners. 

But wisdom is justified of her children.” 

- Matthew 11:19

One of the best ways Jesus is described (in my opinion) is the friend of sinners. Sinner were drawn to Him, they felt His love toward them. He lived a life full of integrity and spoke truth in love. His ambition was never himself but to bring glory to His father... I am already convicted while writing this. How pure His motives were and how often impure our motives are.

So many people are broken, shattered, deceived, hurt and they are all around. They are looking for love, relief, answers; and often we give distain for not agreeing with their actions that we miss the entire point ... love!

What is true friendship?

When friendship is true; they motive is never you but someone else. You find yourself, unselfish and forgiving. Jesus showed us how to love with His actions. Never was anyone worthless: the child, the thief, the prostitute, even us. He was the greatest listener. He never threw them away and He will never throw you away! 

Saving me

Helping me

You redeem

What a friend...

Keeping me

Loving me

You are King!

What a friend...

So, here we are. We find ourselves all alone, in need of a friend. Then He shows up and immediately every need is provided. Our questions find answers; our hearts feel lighter, our vision changes. His name is Jesus and what a friend we’ve found in Him.  

Friends may fail me

Foes assail me

He will never let me go.

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